Everything we do starts with our Brain……The way we Think, our Reactions and our Communication. Do we…….Think and then take Action…..or ?

We may assume that Action is obvious and easy but Actions require a Thinking Process….even a simple one. Actions without Thinking are chaotic and unpredictable, but multiple modes of Thinking are required to effectively deal with Uncertainty and Change. Deciding to do something might be considered a mental Action while chaos can come from trying to use the wrong Thinking-to-Action mode. There must be an ability to produce dynamic change from leverage points in a Thinking-to-Action Model, this requires “Smart” Thinking for complex situations and the Think-tion® process.

Traditional Thinking assumption's organize our experience and prematurely forcing it to conform to what is expected, limiting our Actions. It also is part automatic and part based upon a range of common assumptions which can become easily rigid and predictable. Traditional Thinking does not Think about the Result first, it’s assumed. Using the Think-tion® process we create leverage points where we can intervene in the “System” to optimize the cognitive direction by optimizing the two hemispheres of the brain which control different characteristics of Thinking and Action (Left versus Right).

In previous cognitive models and business applications the philosophy is that that we have Situations which lead to Actions which can lead to exceptional Results. The premise of the Thinking required is completely missed and disconnected. What is proposed with Think-tion® is the ability to Think like a STAR (Situation-Thinking-Action-Result) and assure that the Thinking pattern is not only connected but that it is aligned to allow the necessary cognitive stimulus and “Value Expectation” in Action’s to predictably produce the desired or expected results.

The Think-tion® Tool and workshop is broken into two separate segments with the first segment concentrating on understanding how the HBDI™ Personal Thinking Preference allows visibility into Whole Brain Methodology. This can provide a powerful model for understanding yourself and others, taking the emotional charge out of differences, communicating more effectively and making solid decisions which will allow you to increase your team capacity and company’s success. Learning how to use your whole brain and not just the few specialized quadrant clusters with which you’re most comfortable can put you on a path to improved self-awareness, self-esteem and exploration of the difference between the HBDI™ 4-Quadrant Thinking model (Right Brained, Left Brained, Upper Cognitive and Lower Visceral).

The second segment focuses on understanding how the Think-tion® Model combines the necessary Thinking-to-Action Flows to allow STAR thinking and results which will align predictable “Value” expectations. This new model will explain how to assure the organizational values are evaluated and assured in Action Flows associated with Leadership, Accountability, Learning, Passion, Fun and Opportunity matrixed against Thinking flows for Strategy, Planning, Feeling and Innovation.

The Think-tion® Workshop format is designed to bring specific problems, issues or challenges into either a 1-day or a 2 day format. The workshop is typically 5-8 mixed team members consolidated into an "Action Team" that balances the desired Thinking Community of Practice required. At a Think-tion® Workshop a mood of personal discovery and balance for Thinking-to-Action process flows creates Value Based Action Planning.

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